Our Story

Khansa Erooth, Co-Founder and Creative Director, is the Sweet Tooth Fairy at Kenz Karam. The curious little girl who stumbled across a cookie recipe in her favourite magazine once never imagined that her curiosity would one day turn into a venture which is the throb of the town. What started out as a childhood hobby grew into a passionate enthusiasm for baking, and later into a promising enterprise aptly named Kenz Karam, with her better half, Karam. 

Karam, an ex-IT Network and Security Engineer, shares his wife’s passion for food creation and has an entrepreneur’s feather in his hat. He quit his techie job to realize his dream of building an enterprise that serves exotic edible products and redefines hospitality. A fierce love for fine food, hospitality and a desire to be independent, directed his journey from the ‘Kernel of Operating System’ to the ‘Kernel of Wheat'. A retirement plan in the backyard of a sweet home would not have turned up to what it’s today if Karam didn't take the leap.

Now, Kenz Karam delivers delectable delicacies that leave you craving for more. From Medoken, our signature product to MEDO, our exotic honey range, all our products are widely well received. Making use of the freshest ingredients and keeping preservatives and other harmful chemicals at the bay we bake them in the warmth of  'Love'. We are keen on adhering to high safety and health standards without compromising the least on flavour or texture. Kenz Karam is always expanding their horizons with new products, bound to hit the market very soon.

The Vision

We believe good food bridges differences, creates memories of togetherness and builds relationships for a close-knit world.

We are here to bake and bond over good food.

The Mission

Kenz Karam was born out of love for food and the happy moments around it. We are committed to creating premium curated food products using the finest ingredients without any added preservatives and artificial flavours.

Our mission is to:

  • Ensure the worlds innovative and finest desserts and confectionery available at the doorstep in reasonable rates in and around Bangalore.

  • Blend quality and aesthetics into our sweet treats ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

  • Rekindle the spirit of dining together into a cherished experience and a beloved memory.

  • Break the bread with like-minded people to build a positive work environment around the food and hospitality industry globally.

Our Team


Co-Founder and CEO

Karam is the industrialist at Kenz Karam. A fierce love for fine food and a desire to be independent, directed his journey from the ‘Kernel of Operating System’ to the ‘Kernel of Wheat’.  Karam, an ex IT Network and Security Engineer, quit his job to realize his dream of building an enterprise that serves exotic edible products.

Without compromising on the ingredients, method of preparation and keeping preservatives and unhealthy substitutes at bay, Karam ensures that each product comes out with the perfect flavor, quality and goodness of home. 

Khansa Erooth

Co-Founder and Creative Director

Khansa is a passionate, self-taught baker whose love for baking began when she was a child. She began her culinary journey as a food blogger at KenzCuisine, where she shares recipes and product reviews. Driven by her passion for baking and a strong will to achieve her dreams, she flew to Paris to attend a French Patisserie course at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu, a dream come true for baking enthusiasts. Kenz Karam’s delicacies, specially their signature product Medoken, were born out of her kitchen.

Holding two postgraduate degrees,  one in Microbiology and another in Healthcare Management, Khansa is very keen on adhering to safety and health standards.  She is also firm on not serving food with additives and preservatives. At the same time She ensures that the texture and quality of the products is not compromised. Khansa, is also a Wilton-certified cake decorator.