Kenz Karam delivers creamy and rich Muhallabiya which is a kind of milk pudding originated in the Middle East.
The finest quality ingredients used at Kenz Karam enhances the subtle taste of this Arabian dessert.

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Budinos are another showstopper dessert at Kenz Karam. These Italian butterscotch custard puddings will give a taste explosion in your mouth along with the decadent feel of its creamy smooth texture.

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Umm Ali

The story tells that, Umm Ali, which literally translates to Ali's Mother is an Egyptian dessert Ali's mother prepared to please her son, Ali. True or false, the Arabic bread pudding, Umm Ali has been pleasing people ever since.

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Panna Cotta

Pannacotta is yet another Italian delicacy available at Kenz Karam. This flavour infused sweetened cream dessert is often served with berry or chocolate sauces.

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Leche Flan

Flan is the ultimate Spanish dessert that has variations in different countries around the world. 
Basically, they are baked milk desserts with a clear caramel sauce on top. Kenz Karam is obsessed with the velvety texture of flans and is committed to delivering the authentic feel and taste of flan.

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Crème Brulee

Crème Brulee or Burnt cream is a golden standard in the world of baked desserts. It hails from the land of finest dining, France and is a smooth creamy custard with a hard caramelised layer on top.
Kenz Karam is a master in getting the Crème Brulee’s caramel layers crack sound perfect and right.

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Shahi Tukda

Shahi Tukda which means 'a royal piece' is the aptly named dessert brought to Indian subcontinent by the Royal family of Moghuls. This Indian  bread pudding is the ultimate dessert bowl with ghee fried bread pieces soaked in decadent Rabdi and served with a good sprinkle of various nuts. 
Warm or chilled, Shahi Tukda from Kenz Karam prepared from the superior ingredients will leave you for craving for more.

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Rabdi or Rabri is traditional Indian milk based sweet flavoured with cardamom and saffron and such aromatic spices. They are served as desserts as such with dry fruits or served along with Indian desserts like Rasmalai, Shahi Tukda, Malpua etc. 
Including Rabdi in Kenz Karam menu is a conscious step to revive the spirit of food traditions of our country.

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