Pure 100% Raw
Natural Honey

Kenz Karam is led by the vision to bond over good food. And hence we are driven to bring the best of the food products in our community to all and thus to grow together into a sustainable society.
Kenz Karam delivers 100 percent pure raw honey without any additives on account of the inaccessibility of pure honey directly from the vendors especially to the people living in metropolitan cities.

Available in:

  • Country Bee Honey

  • Dwarf Bee Honey

  • Wild Forest Honey

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Infused 100% Raw Natural Honey

Kenz Karam delivers naturally infused raw honey with various aromatic flavours which can be used as healthy spreads, on desserts or in beverages.

Available in:

  • Vanilla

  • Dry Ginger

  • Goose Berry

  • Tulsi

  • Lavender

  • Orange Peel

  • Turmeric

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