An exotic package of flavour and texture, Medoken - the signature product of Kenz Karam, is the perfect indulgence for any.

With the luscious fillings sandwiched between delicate layers, Medoken is like a slice of heaven in the mouth. This luxurious signature dessert is our best seller and the most sought product so far.

Available in:

  • Classic

  • Chocolate

  • Choco Flakes

  • Nutella

  • Mocha

  • Dulce de Leche

  • Caramel

  • Lotus


Kenz Karam delivers one of the best Muffins in the town with its soft, tender and moist crumbs. We have created a wide range of flavours for muffins to suit everyone's taste anytime.

Available in:

  • Classic

  • Chocolate

  • Blueberry

  • Carrot & Cinnamon

  • Strawberry


Apart from the traditional usual cookies, KenzKaram takes orders for Churros, Spanish fried dough cookies which are then bathed in sugar and devoured dunking in chocolate sauce preferably.

The crispy Churros serves as both a snack and a dessert.


Palmiers are familiar French cookies baked from buttery flaky pastry sheets and sprinkled and dusted with sugar.

KenzKaram delivers the very buttery crispy palmiers fresh out of the oven to give you the true experience of having them fresh in street food fairs somewhere in France.

Plum Cake

During the medieval period, and before it made its way out of England, plum cake was more than just the sweet indulgence we know today. On the eve of Christmas, a rich porridge made with oats, dried fruits, spices, honey and sometimes even meat, was consumed to line the stomach before the big feast. Over time, more ingredients made their way in and out of the porridge, and by the 16th century flour, eggs and butter were used regularly. On the twelfth day, this pudding was served upside down garnished with a sprig of holly! A dark-caramel plum cake riddled generously with dried fruits, nuts, spices and candied citrus zest – you’ll be singing carols all day!